In 2013, Mr. Michael launched his own business, Scalar Wave Energy.

In 2017, Scalar Wave Energy rebranded to Energy Wave Worldwide with a greater vision and mission.
A true entrepreneur at heart, Mr. Ang has many years of experience in business management and overseeing the affairs of large corporations on an international scale.

Having driven the growth of many companies to great success, Michael is always forward looking into the next generation and an advocate of Digital Marketing.

With his keen intuition and experience, Michael is excited as a front runner of the scalar wave wellness industry.

The Energy Wave Science and Product Development Team comprises

4 individuals who combine their talent and expertise

to improve and expand the Energy Wave product line.


Jared Ang oversees the management of Energy Wave operations worldwide.

He has held management positions in almost all corporate departments in several network marketing companies; therefore, providing him with an intimate knowledge of the business and its key success factors. Through his dedication and commitment, the company achieved breakthrough revenue growth, and in 2019 Energy Wave was recognized as one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Singapore.

Jared has been collaborating with some of the best brains in the scalar wave energy industry, which produced our much loved and well received products around the world.


Norman Chia leads the product development initiatives at Energy Wave. He possesses a wealth of experience in design and management specialising in product development. His vast experience has enabled him to anticipate market trends and chart new directions for product development. He is deeply passionate about developing products that people will find easy to use, while bringing them maximum health benefits. Norman was the driving force behind many of Energy Wave’s 2019 exciting product releases.

As a critical member of the Science and Product Development team, Norman remains committed to his vision of convenient wellness for all.


Dr. Geoffrey Bryant was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy for Services to the Natural Health Profession.

Dr. Geoffrey has acted as a Consultant Naturopathic Physician for nutrition medicine, and well-trained in the use of Mora advanced diagnostic technology and live blood analysis.

As Family natural health practitioner with over 30 years of experience, Dr Geoffrey Bryant has a special interest in gastro-intestinal problems, skin diseases, pain, and energy medicine.

Ms Alexis Ang

Ms Alexis Ang comes with a wide variety of experience from different industries. Formally trained in degrees in English and Law, she has worked in direct sales, retail, education, research, and publishing.
Her current portfolio includes HR and Business Development, where she enthusiastically works towards helping the Company achieve its next growth milestone.